EVGAD name is going up close to the Sun

EVGAD Jewellery loves sparkling gems and all types of brilliance. We also enjoy the challenge of the new. What is the most dazzling thing in our solar system? The Sun!

Evgad Jewellery is proud to announce that, in combination with NASA, our name is going up close to the Sun. Our name is onboard the Parker Solar Probe. This probe, launched on 12th of August 2018, is the fastest manmade object ever created and over the next 7 years will get closer to the Sun than ever before, revealing secrets behind the Sun’s dazzle.

Evgad Jewellery’s name will then orbit the Sun for millions of years. The harsh, mind-boggling conditions that the spacecraft will experience are a reminder of the type of conditions that created our most precious gemstones. Having our name out there orbiting the Sun inspires us to continue to bring you brilliant and dazzling jewellery creations. 


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