Argentium Silver

EVGAD is happy to now offer Argentium silver as an alternative to Sterling silver for custom made items. 
August 2015

Now custom made items with be even more unique due to the remarkable properties of Argentium.

EVGAD has recently completed an intensive course on jewellery making with Argentium silver.

The course was given by Ronda Coryell (right) one of the world’s most well regarded expert on the

use of Argentium.

She was helped by Peter Johns Argentium’s inventor (middle).

What is Argentium:

Traditional sterling silver has 92.5% silver with the remaining part copper.

Argentium is a patented formula with a slightly higher silver content plus the addition of Germainium.

This results in the following advantages compared to Silver:

1) Purer

2) Brighter

3) Highly tarnish resistant

4) Hypoallergenic

The above items were custom made in Argentium silver.

For more information about Argentium:

Contact EVGAD to discuss bespoke jewellery designs in Argentium Silver 

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