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Natural Alexandrite
& sapphires 925
 Silver ring      

27/03/2018, Megan Lynn Foy, USA

Just like the seahorse pendant, the seahorse ring is masterfully crafted and simply stunning.
This glorious ring was shipped out promptly and just came in today, I call that a speedy delivery!
Thank you Ev🌸🏵' 

Natural chrome green tourmaline
& Alexandrites 925 Silver earrings     

28/02/2018, T, Belgium

I loved my tourmaline pendant so much that I longed for matching earrings. I wanted something very simple. Ev guided me through the creative process and soon an idea became a sketch. Every detail was thought of. I was amazed to get these unique custom-made earrings so quickly and they are my absolute favourites now. Ev is talented and I’m proud to wear her creations.


Natural Heliodor 
Beryl & sapphires
(customised with
red  sapphires
instead of blue) silver ring                            

27/09/2017, Cynthia Chan
The yellow beryl ring with red side accent stones amazing colour combination. The rich golden yellow of the beryl goes perfect with the orange red of the sapphires. I am so happy with this ring!


Natural Indicolite 
tourmaline &
sapphires silver ring                            

27/09/2017, Cynthia Chan
I received the peacock blue indicolite tourmaline ring with blue sapphire accents stunning! I love the tourmaline colour and cut, it combines wonderfully with the dark blue sapphires

Natural Emerald &Alexandrite, sapphires 18k
gold ring                                   

25/06/2017, Beautiful emerald angel wings
I LOVE this ring! It couldn't have been more perfect for me. I believe this ring resembles angels wings and I purchased it in memory of my dear friend that passed away 02/2015. Thank you EVGAD!

Natural Alexandrite & diamonds 18ct
gold ring                                   

24/04/2017, Simeon
If I could give 6 stars I would. The ring was beautiful... even better than I expected. The communication throughout the whole process, including photo updates, was amazing. I can't thank Ev enough and will definitely make recommend and make future purchases myself.

Natural Pink & blue diamonds gold ring                                   

28/01/2017, Matt
This is my second order from Ev in the form of an eternity ring. Again, Ev astounded me with her flawless customer service and ability to design using stones I've never even heard of. Ev's talent provides a great opportunity to purchase an unusual and personal piece of jewellery at a very good price! I will continue to take every opportunity I have to use you. Many thanks Ev

Natural Tourmaline & sapphires 925 silver ring                                   

25/06/2016, Cynthia, Canada
I love my new ring !! I bought the round green tourmaline with the multi-coloured sapphires surrounding in a circle. I love your use of many colours together so bright & cheery. The green is a lovely bright almost like a lime green - wonderful for the summer!

Natural Tanzanite 9ct gold ring                                    


23/06/2016, Jamaica, USA

It's beautiful! Thank you :))                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Vary Rare Natural pezzottaite &rubies 
silver ring                                 


14/06/2016, Customer, USA

I SO LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS RING!!!! okay, I calm down now. :-) Shopping here is a must if you want beautiful jewelry! I own lots from here, and I will get more from beautiful and kind shop owner!!! Very very happy with my purchase from here.♥                                                                                    

Natural Watermelon Tourmaline
9ct yellow gold

14/05/2016, Claire
This is the second customised ring I have bought from Evgad. It is absolutely stunning. Simple, clean and an unusual stone.

Natural Amethyst &Tanzanite silver  ring                                    


30/05/2016, Customer, USA

Absolutely beautiful! I love the frost look too. I have gotten several compliments already! I am such a fan of this shop. I even got another ring coming already! Shop here and you will get pretty jewelry. Delighted with my ring! Delighted with such a sweet and kind designer. This shop has all the positives and NO negatives!                                            

Natural Alexandrite & 
White Gold earrings and necklace                                    


30/03/2016, Matt, UK

I found Ev through eBay as a local gemstone jeweller. Her customer service was incredible, one of the few experiences I've had that was set out and happened exactly as described. She was consistently in touch and created this beautiful piece of jewellery as a wedding gift for my wife to be. The final pieces are better than I imagined. Thank you for all of your help.


Natural Rubellite Tourmaline & green sapphires
925 Sterling silver ring                                    


27/02/2016, C Chan, Canada

I bought the beautiful deep magenta coloured Tourmaline surrounded by light green sapphires. What a great colour combination! Love the quality of the work, the stones, & the whole presentation of the ring.
Thank you Ev!!

Natural Sphene & white natural zircons 9ct yellow gold necklace                                     


16/02/2016, Andreas, UK

Russian Portuguese cut sphene & white zircon pendant with chain: Given as a present which is my big regret! What a stone and what a beautifully crafted pendant. Biggest thanks to Ev who pushed on despite being under the weather to get this to me in time. More please :-)

2.30cts Natural watermelon tourmaline 925 silver ring


19/01/2016, C. Chan
, Canada: 
Watermelon / bi-colour tourmaline ring: the tourmaline is beautiful bright saturated colours of pink & green. A good sized middle stone, & nice contrast with the blue sapphires. Love it!

3.4cts Natural Titanite Sphene silver earrings

6.70ct Natural Totanite Sphene silver pendant


16/01/2016, C. Chan
, Canada: 
I bought the yellow titanite sphene earrings & pendant set in silver, pear shaped stones - the colour of the sphene amazing, like a bright ray of sunshine! This will be one of my favourite sets to wear from now on!

3cts Natural Ametrine &
sapphires silver ring

16/01/2016, C. Chan
, Canada: 
I bought the Ametrine silver ring with yellow sapphires
- what a stunning colour combination!! The ametrine stone was flawless
emerald cut, the size of the centre stone perfect. This will be one of my
favourite rings to wear!

7.25cts Natural Imperial
topaz silver ring

28/11/2015, K. Johnson
, USA: 
Absolutely thrilled with the beautiful imperial topaz ring that
I purchased for my mother's 75th birthday/Christmas gift.
Excellent and fast service. The quality and workmanship is outstanding.
Looking forward to doing business with Ev in the future.

Customised order:
9.7cts Natural pink
Kunzite (Spodumene)
silver ring

20/07/2015, Keiran
, Australia: 
Love love love my ring! Will definitely buy from this clever lady again!

Customised order: 
Natural Russian
Chrome Diopside 
Gold ring

17/07/2015, Linda
, Gibraltar: 
It is quite lovely, thank you very much for your expertise, Linda

Natural Coober Pedy 
Australian Opal & sapphires silver ring

Aime, USA: 
I love this ring! The size was perfect and the jewels are beautiful! The seller is super nice and it didn't take as long as it said it would, so that's always a plus! Thank you!

1.85cts Natural paraiba blue
tourmaline ring 9ct .375 Yellow gold

20/05/2015, Toyah, USA: 
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this ring!!!!! It's so much more than I expected! ! Way to go Ev!!!! :-) It is a stunning success! !!

Natural Patroke pink Kunzite & alexandrites 925 sterling silver

Blondeina, USA: 
This is the fourth piece of jewelry that I have had the good fortune to acquire from this extremely talented artist. Not only does she incorporate some of the most rare gemstones into her designs, her commitment to quality and uncompromising individuality ensures a one of a kind piece of art, custom made with high grade materials for a uniquely superior design. She has been steadfast in her stance against greed so that the dream of owning something so prestigious can become reality for even the most economically disadvantaged.

My point can be evidenced by my most recent purchase. A Kunzite ring; pristine clarity, expert cut and a perfect color, ranging from a deep lavender to a blushing pink, with a dazzling inner glow. This gorgeous gem is perched perfectly on a meticulous crest of filigreed Sterling Silver, delicately accented by three small Alexandrites on each side of the crest, peeking out from just underneath the main Kunzite.

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!! Will need to catch my breath before viewing an ENCORE!! Thank you for yet another outstanding performance!!


Natural herkimer diamond 9ct (375) yellow gold ring
Natural Moldvite 9ct (375) yellow gold ring
Natural tugtupite 9ct (375) yellow gold ring
Natural magnetite 9ct (375) yellow gold ring
Natural demantoid Garnet 9ct (375) yellow gold ring

24/04/2015, Lorraine, UK: 

Ev made 5 rings for me. All of them are just superb. Ev is always willing to please her clients, the work is perfect, and shipment is very fast. Thank you Ev.

Natural Emerald & tanzanites 9ct (375) white gold ring

21/04/2015, Lorraine, UK: 

Beautiful beautiful custom ring. Ev worked with me on my exact specifications every step of the way and kept me informed with photos. So thoughtful and personal and the photos just don't do this beauty justice! Thank you Ev, I will be ordering from you again!!

welo opal
silver ring

10/04/2015, Lorraine, UK: 

I have purchased the most beautiful opal ring that I have ever seen. The quality of the setting and opal is amazing.

welo opal
375 9ct yellow
gold ring
15/01/2015, Zhaorui, USA: 

Very Beautiful! Shipping is slow because usps sucks not seller's mistake.                     

925 silver ring
15/01/2015, Heather, USA: 

Absolutely stunning!!! Great communication and fast int'l shipping! A+++                     

Natural black
opal mosaic
925 silver ring
15/01/2015, Barb, USA: 

Gorgeous ring!!! Perfect fit!! Great service!! Very good to deal with!! Thank                     

Natural diaspore
925 silver ring
15/01/2015, Carol, USA: 

Great seller with wonderful items and fast shipping -it's beautiful, thank-you.                     

Natural green
cats eye 
925 silver ring

03/01/2015, Anya, USA: 

Beautiful and unusually designed ring with rare to find gemstone! In this shop you can choose already created piece of jewelry or request the custom made. I am giving it five stars even though it deserves 10!!! Thanks a lot!   

Yet another wonderful ring! I highly recommend this shop to all potential buyers. Choose something right away and you won't regret. Thanks a lot! I will be coming back for sure:-)

Natural purple Iolite
925 silver ring

02/01/2015, Cindy, USA: 

Absolutely perfect with just the right amount of sparkle to keep it low key (not bling bling fake sparkle) great genuine gemstones and highly skilled Ev.            

Natural green
cats eye
925 silver ring

30/12/2014, Margaret, UK: 

This was a custom made item, great service from Ev and a very competitive price!                                    

Natural Alexandrite 9ct 375 white gold ring

Natural welo opal 925 sterling silver ring

Natural ruby 9ct 375 yellow gold ring
28/11/2014, Claire, UK: 
My collection of jewellery from EVGAD is growing rapidly. The pieces I have ordered are all equally stunning - even better than they look on the website. Ev is a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended

Natural Royal blue sapphire & topazes
925 silver ring

28/11/2014, Customer from England, UK: 
I liked the way I could choose the stone and setting from a choice sent to me and that I knew where the stone came from and any treatment. It was very fast from creation to delivery, thank you.


Natural blue
ray star sapphire
925 silver ring

18/11/2014, Larisa, USA: 
I love the ring! Thanks a lot! Perfect seller! Recommended!                                         


Natural diaspore 
colour change
925 silver ring

15/11/2014, Mary, USA: 
Gorgeous ring, very fast overseas service, wonderful to deal with, recommend A+          

Natural paraiba 
blue tourmaline
925 silver ring

15/11/2014, Sara, USA: 
More Beautiful in person. Would do business with this dealer again.                                 

Natural diaspore
colour change & rubies
925 silver ring

07/11/2014, John M. North Lanarkshire: 

The ring has arrived and is as stunning as we've came to expect from yourself. Thanks for very quick service. Will be back :-D

Natural Tourmaline & sapphires
925 silver ring

14/10/2014, Nita, USA: 
This picture does not give this ring justice. I was so shocked with how beautiful it is. The craftsmanship is flawless and the setting is unique I love having a one of a kind piece of jewelry, my personal piece of bling that is all mine. Thank you, I will be shopping again soon, how could I not.





Titanite sphene 
925 silver

Paraiba blue tourmaline 925 sterling silver ring

11/09/2014, Lorraine, UK: Have just received two more items for my collection from EVGAD Jewellery....and one word sums them up....SPECTACULAR! I purchased an incredible Paraiba Tourmaline ring (with a stone so clear I could SWIM in the Caribbean blue color!). The other was a very large Sphene pendant with a gorgeous stone so bright I should view wearing Sunglasses! Both items were made with care, love and TALENT! Thanks for making ME beautiful!

Patroke pink Kunzite
925 silver ring

22/07/2014, Vicky, UK: 
My kunzite ring has arrived! It is the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have seen! I adore it and am so glad I bought it.                       

925 silver ring

18/07/2014, Todor, UK: 
A very lovely piece. It's perfect Thank you

Diaspore earrings 
925 silver ring
Axinite 925 sterling silver ring

17/07/2014 Nanci from North Carolina, USA: 
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS AXINITE RING!!!! I knew the Diaspore earrings would be astounding, but the pictures of them do not show them with justice. Both pieces of jewelry are exceptional!! The clarity and the cut make these stones some of the nicest that I own. You have earned the place of my favorite above all!! I cannot wait until I can save up enough money to make a few more purchases from you!! 

I just wanted to drop you a "Thank You" note of appreciation and to let you know just how impressed and happy I am with your work. I look forward to many years of mutually beneficial and satisfying transactions between us. Keep on doing the great work that you do, and from the bottom of my heart ... thank you, a thousand times!

Tourmaline & pearls 925 sterling silver ring

1/06/2014 Customer from NC, USA: "This incredible beauty arrived in my locked mailbox today! It is far more spectacular than the pictures show! This talent artist has it doing ON! She can be commissioned to "make your Dreams a reality"! Thank you for my newest treasure".  Color that incredible Green Tourmaline ring surrounded in seed pearls as MINE! It arrived safely packaged today to my locked mailbox! It's dramatic yet subtle. It's beauty takes your breathe away, which is only one more reason that I love this artist's work! Thank YOU!
Aquamarine Earrings 925 sterling silver

Customer from Cannes, France:
"Thank you for very nice aquamarine earring, I just got it today 05 June. Uniqe design, I'm very happy and I will follow you website for the next shopping. bravo!!!!!"
Alexandrite 9ct 375 white gold ring

 Jonathan, Reunion, France:"Lovely ring, and very good customer service. My fiancé is very happy!"

Diaspore earrings 925 silver ring

10/11/2013 Alan Paisey, UK: "Excellent earrings at a good price"                                                                       

06/11/2013 Andreas, UK:"I wanted to say that this ring is absolutely beautiful.  Exactly as I wanted it to be.  Very good to see independent jewellers making lovely items such as this".

05/11/2013 Michelle, UK:"Thank you for the beautiful items and fast shipping too!  They are all really pretty and your craftmanship is beautiful, I am really happy with them".
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