The story behind EVGAD & hallmark



  • EVGAD is pronounced yev-gad
  • The word EVGAD symbolically represents its Russian & British origins
  • EVGAD’s founder was originally from Russia. She has lived in the UK for many years and has strived to bring together the best from both artistic cultures. EVGAD represents this marriage by combining a diminutive form of her Russian name with the first letter of her English surname. This creates a unique and original name EVGAD
  • The hallmark is also something extraordinary. It is a Cyrillic character of the first letter of a diminutive form of the founders name. Coincidently it is also a Armanen rune which symbolises  protection, harmony, spiritual power, wisdom and creative energy
  • This hallmark is registered with the UK Assay office and is stamped on EVGAD jewellery
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