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Main stone: 0.45cts Natural Rare golden orange brown bastnasite (bastnaesite), octagon cut, VVS2 clarity grade, L5.65mm x W3.1mm x D2.67mm, stone mined region Brazil
Other stones: 2pcs Natural dark blue sapphires 2mm round cut
Metal: choose the metal
Item dimensions: Depend on ring size 


More about main stone:
Birthstone: May, June, July, August, September
Zodiac: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo

0.45ct Natural Bastnasite (Bastnaesite) 925 Silver / Gold/ Platinum ring

Colour: Brown
    • Please note, the picture is taken of the unfinished item. It will be finished on order. The item will be glossy polished & if present claws will be cut & tightly set.
    • EVGAD Jewellery certificate of item authenticity will be provided.
    • Photos of the item on the mannequin shouldn't be taken as an accurate representation of the item on your body. We are all different , so please read carefully the item description & measurments.
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