Main stones: 5.21ct Natural petroleum quartz Golden Enhydros, trillion fancy cut , I clarity with cavities on serface, L 12.28mm x W 12.12mm x D 7.36, main stone origin Pakistan
A rare variety of quartz with liquid petroleum filling natural cavities held within these crystals from Belouchistan, Pakistan.
The petroleum sits inside negative voids and is seen as a greenish-yellow fluid which often contains a methane gas bubble and small black "blebs" of bitumen, or Asphaltite forming what is known as a '3-phase' inclusion, meaning that these inclusions display 3 phases of matter, a liquid - the petroleum, a solid - the bitumen, and a gas - the bubbles of methane.
The gas bubbles can occasionally be mobile, finding their way upwards when the stone is rotated.
Another interesting feature is that on exposure to Ultraviolet light, the petroleum glows with a bright bluish-green-yellow fluorescence.<