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Main stone: 5.35ct Natural Blue ray star sapphires, L 10.16mm x W 8.11mm x D 5.41mm, cabochon, ray star is visible under bright sunlight, bright artificial light, main stone origin Thailand.
Natural dark blue star sapphires are very dark in colour and under some pure light could look like black. Asterism (star) in natural stones are visible only under bright light or torch light, so please make sure that the stone will look different in different lights on your hand. If you have more questions, or need more pictures please contact.

Other stones: 4pcs Natural blue sapphires, 1.80mm round cut, 4pcs Natural emeralds 2mm round cut
Metal: Choose the metal
Item dimensions: depends on ring size

More about main stone:
Birthstone: October, November
Zodiac: Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer

5.35ct Natural Blue ray star sapphires 925 Silver / Gold/ Platinum ring

Cor: Azul escuro
    • Please note, the picture is taken of the unfinished item. It will be finished on order. The item will be glossy polished & if present claws will be cut & tightly set.
    • EVGAD Jewellery certificate of item authenticity will be provided.
    • Photos of the item on the mannequin shouldn't be taken as an accurate representation of the item on your body. We are all different , so please read carefully the item description & measurments.
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