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ABOUT EVGAD                                                                                         

Inspired by the magic of natural gemstones and precious metals this store has been created to offer a delight to everybody who likes handmade, unique & eye catching jewellery.

I always had a dream to start a jewellery business that would combine my artistic ideas, ability to deliver unique jewellery for unique people and  that would be affordable to those who like rare size, shape, colour gemstones.

By 2013 I had developed a wide customer base and achieved over 1000 positive feedback from my clients. At that time I decided that my jewellery making skills were good enough to offer great quality items to my future and existing customers. After much soul searching I took the risky step and gave up my well paid Business analytics & Marketing job to devote myself full-time to achieving this dream.

EVGAD jewellery sales via different online shopping platforms, however, jewellery purchased via www.evgad.com has the most competitive prices & postage cost.



  • EVGAD is pronounced yev-gad
  • The word EVGAD symbolically represents its Russian & British origins
  • EVGAD’s founder was originally from Russia. She has lived in the UK for many years and has strived to bring together the best from both artistic cultures. EVGAD represents this marriage by combining a diminutive form of her Russian name with the first letter of her English surname. This creates a unique and original name EVGAD
  • The hallmark is also something extraordinary. It is a Cyrillic character of the first letter of a diminutive form of the founders name. Coincidentally it is also a Armanen rune which symbolises  protection, harmony, spiritual power, wisdom and creative energy
  • This hallmark is registered with the UK Assay office and is stamped on EVGAD jewellery

  • Creating handmade & exclusive gold and silver jewellery
  • Sourcing gemstones that you like to buy with EVGAD settings/ mounts as finished item
  • Designing & creating bespoke (customised) jewellery by your order request
  • Combining postage costs for multiple items, offer secured and fast international delivery
  • Accepting offers to hold the items you wish to purchase on partial payments terms (50% non-returnable prepayment for the item. The item will be posted after you pay a final 50% of the item and postage costs)
  • Gold plating EVGAD silver jewellery
  • Introducing new items every week

Secure online purchase: We offer secure purchase & payment via Paypal with direct credit or debit card checkout or Paypal register account. 
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 International postage Worldwide: 
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Return policy:
We guarantee a 100% money back on returned item/s. This should be arranged within 30 days from the day of purchase.
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EVGAD use different techniques & styles to make jewellery so EVGAD customer will have a great choice. It helps to meet EVGAD new customers demand and keep permanent customers to follow us when they wish to have something new.

To make slick designs of jewellery CAD application is used, and also wax modelling to create prototypes that will be later cast, cleaned, polished and gold plated if necessary.
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EVGAD customers also like totally handmade items, that are unique and have organic look. This jewellery is done using silver or gold metals in flat sheets, tubes, wires, ets. A customer can choose and order a particular stones to be set in jewellery.




WHAT STONES WE USE                                                                              

EVGAD make jewellery using only natural, mined semi-precious & precious gemstones for main stone in the item
Man-made cubic zirconia can be used by EVGAD only as side stones.
Customers can request a particular stone to be used in a particular setting design.

Stone clarity gradation: 
IF - Loupe Clean - Internally flawless; free of inclusions 
VVS - Almost Loupe Clean - Very, very slight inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification 
VS - Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification 
SI - Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye 
I1 - Included - Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye 
Transparent - A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions 
Translucent - Allowing light to pass through, but not transparent 
Opaque - Does not allow light to pass through  


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We are happy to serve you at any time. 
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