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​Looking for a unique piece of jewellery for a special occasion or a cherished person? Say a truly individual engagement ring? For many years EVGAD has offered a bespoke fine jewellery design & making service from our in-house workshop to thousands of customers around the world. Nothing is too much trouble for us to make your vision a reality whilst ensuring an amazing service throughout the whole process. And being an online service, all of this can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.


So, if you want a bespoke piece of jewellery, that stands out from any other rings you may so far have seen, then read on.
The initial stage involves sketching out options to clarify the design features and requirements. This aids the process of ensuring we understand how your bespoke jewellery item will look, but also how it may be worn and what other jewellery you will be wearing with it. Selection of the exact gemstones required is also needed upfront and if a particular stone is requested that isn’t in stock at EVGAD we can work with our wide range of trusted suppliers to source it. Depending upon the design CAD models may be created and renders provided.

Of course, you might not be looking for a new wedding ring or other item of jewellery but might want to give a new lease of life to say an heir loom stone or may have simply obtained stones directly. In that case, we are also happy to work with gemstones provided by our customers.


Bespoke ring CAD design by EVGAD

Key steps of the process:

Once you have contacted us we will discuss with you the details about your future item:

  • Type of jewellery you would like to have (ring, earrings, pendant, necklace, bracelet etc)

  • Metal type, colour and carat

  • Metal finishing (glossy polished, textured, tarnished, plated)

  • Gemstones including type, colour, clarity, cut, size & approximate carat weight

  • Conceptual design preferences, style, ring band style, stones orientation, earrings type etc.

  • Addition requirements such as earrings closure type, chain type for a pendant, etc.


In addition to this we will need to know your deadlines and special requirements for finished item presentation

Creative process includes steps such as:

  • Conceptual design

  • Jewellery fabrication

  • Soldering

  • Engraving

  • Polishing & cleaning

  • Setting stones & finishing

Once our customers agreed on detailed item design, we keep our customer updated with all steps of items development and progress.

Depending upon a jewellery piece there will be different approach taken for bespoke items creation: setting modelling in metal, 3D – modelling, wax carving and casting route.


We offer bespoke items in metals as per UK Assay office standards:

  • 9ct .375 yellow, white or rose Gold

  • 14k .585 yellow, white or rose Gold

  • 18k .750 yellow, white or rose Gold

  • 22k .916 yellow Gold

  • Platinum .950

  • Palladium .950



  • Natural gemstones can be supplied for customised items and bespoke items on your request

  • We provide EVGAD Jewellery – CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, additional certificates provided by well knows Gemological laboratories can be provided at additional charge 


Ring sizes

All ring sizes are available for bespoke items.

You can check the ring size you need using our RING SIZE GUIDE.

diamond ring

Each jewellery creation is unique and has emotional attachment, an occasion or a memory dear to the person who wears it. EVGAD Jewellery offers a personalised engraving service to ensure that this magical moment remains with you forever.

The engraving of your choice is undertaken with respect to the technical and aesthetic specifications of the piece.

We offer this as a complimentary service for all our items when purchased from EVGAD website

metal finish options by EVGAD jewellery

You can make your item customised and request specific metal finish including Sterling silver oxidation. 

We offer this as a complimentary service for all our customers when purchased from EVGAD website.

We can also gold plate silver items at addition charge. 

Order a bespoke gemstone for bespoke design

In some cases our customers know exactly what they want regarding the design and stones combination in jewellery items.


We are always happy to help you with items customisation. Choose the setting design you like and request the gemstones and gemstones colours you wish to be set in the metal of your choice.

For quotes and options available please contact us.

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