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EVGAD Jewellery Laser Engraving Service.

Meet our new team member, 1064nm fiber laser engraver. Personalise your skilfully handcrafted EVGAD jewellery with cutting-edge technology laser engraving (we combine the best from both creative approaches). ​• We can engrave text in any language and font e.g. initials, memorable dates, names, quotes & personal messages. • We also can engrave images such as monograms, logos, family crests and fingerprints. These work best on medium to wide ring bands and on flat surfaces such as on the top of signet rings. • We can engrave on the inside and outside of most rings and on flat surfaces. • We can laser engrave all types of precious metal that we sell (silver, gold and platinum). • Fast turnaround using our on-site laser engraving machine. • If you like a piece of our jewellery that may not be well suited for laser engraving, we can modify it in such a way to make it suitable (e.g. putting a backing plate on a pendant). • The wider the ring band the larger the text possible but it works on narrow bands with small text. • We also offer engraving service for jewellery supplied by our customers. • Laser engraving allows ultra-precise and durable engraving that far exceeds hand engraving with respects to versatility and accuracy (although our skilled jewellers can hand engrave if desired).

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