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Trendy autumn colours for gemstone jewellery.

If somebody asks me what would be my gemstone choice for autumn jewellery, among all gemstones in burgundy red, orange, yellow colours I would definitely say Opals.

It’s an autumn stone of all time. It does not matter what type of opal you choose e.g. Ethiopian welo opal, Australian opal or Mexican fire opal. Having said that, there other stones we recommend and here’s our list of favourite autumn/winter stones:

1. Ethiopian welo opal is my favourite. It combines all colours of autumn from autumn-berry red, orange and yellow of falling leaves, sky blue and a bit of vibrant green of evergreen plants.

2. Australian andamooka matrix opal or Mexican fire opal are ideal choices for those who like darker colours or “Halloween” colours. Australian andamooka matrix opal in black has beautiful multicolour opal particles.

Mexican fire opal can be a great choice for orange colour lovers. It has an attractive range of the orange spectrum, from almost cherry red-orange, cinnamon orange, sunset orange to light orange/yellow.

3. Garnet and its varieties make it a perfect stone for this season too. Coming in a spectrum of colours like red, purple, pink, brown, orange, yellow, green, grey and black. The most rare is colour change garnet. So, if you like red gemstones, Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine garnets will be the stones to explore and add to your collection. Malaya garnets can be a great choice for those who like sunset colours in accessories. Malaya includes pyrope-spessartine garnets with light to slightly dark colours ranging from pink, pinkish orange, yellowish orange, orange, to red. It’s also a variety of pyralspite (a blend of pyrope, almandine and spessaritite garnets) with a very wide range of possible mixtures. Those who like yellow, orange, and green may be impressed with the colour spectrum of Grossular and its varieties such as hessonite, tsavorite and Andradite and its variety demantoid.

4. Other stones of interest: Citirine is another stone to consider in golden or mandarin colour. Bi-colour yellow-purple ametrine, titanite sphene, sphalerite, imperial topaz, amber or sapphires in yellow, orange, red or colour change are interesting options. Last but not least, Clinohumite is a rare stone that could be considered.

Whatever choice you make we can always assist you with beautiful jewellery designs. We can also get ideal side stones to complement the main stone and make your jewellery truly special.

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